Pomerene Hall

Pomerene Hall

The Translational Data Analytics Institute provides affiliates and partners with flexible spaces and tools for collaborative research and teaching.


Updates for 2021-22

  • All of TDAI's spaces are open for use at full capacity.
  • TDAI faculty affiliates can reserve a space by contacting tdai-events@osu.edu or completing the reservation form. Reservations are accepted from TDAI Faculty Affiliates.
  • TDAI staff will be onsite during business hours starting August 9, 2021.
  • Hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes are available in every TDAI meeting space.

Contact TDAI staff in rooms 300 or 175 or by emailing tdai-events@osu.edu with any questions about room technology or reserving spaces.

COVID-19 Policy for Pomerene Hall

Masks are required indoors, regardless of vaccination status. Visit the COVID-19 Policy page for the full Pomerene Hall policy.


TDAI spaces are:

  • Accessible 24/7 to TDAI affiliates with a university ID and to TDAI-sponsored guests with a swipe card. For assistance with access, contact Andrew Jones in 175 Pomerene, call 614-514-5961, or email tdai@osu.edu.
  • First-come, first-served unless previously reserved. Unreserved space cannot be “claimed” by an individual or team, and personal belongings should not be left in the space.
  • BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). Cords and connectors are not provided except in conference rooms.
  • Not private. Take care to protect data used on public computers and to delete anything that you do not wish to share with others. TDAI is not responsible for the loss of or damage to data used on public computers.

Reserving TDAI space

TDAI affiliates can click here to request a space reservation. Requests must be made by a TDAI affiliate; a delegate for planning purposes may be named after the request is confirmed. Please note:

  • The requested space should be included in Outlook invitations after the reservation is confirmed.
  • If technical assistance is needed for Skype meetings, please let TDAI know when scheduling so that OCIO event and meeting support can be arranged. 
  • Reserved space left unoccupied for 30 minutes past the reservation time is made available for use by others.


Not affiliated with TDAI? Find rental information here.


For Classroom Pool spaces in Pomerene Hall (lecture halls 150, 160, 250, 260 and 280), follow the Registrar's instructions for reservations through the SIS system. More information here.

Student organizations can reserve Classroom Pool spaces in Pomerene Hall (lecture halls 150, 160, 250, 260 and 280) through the Student Union. More information here.


Scheduling Priority

TDAI research communities of practice, research pilot teams and other institute initiatives receive scheduling priority for space use, followed by TDAI affiliates.

As a research facility, TDAI space may not be used as study areas for students or postdocs.


TDAI spaces

Solstice pods allow users within any space to share and control displays and content wirelessly.

Event attendees watching a presentation in room 320 Pomerene Hall, a large space that was formerly a gymnasium
TDAI's Ideation Zone

Ideation Zone | Room 320
Max capacity: 175 
A two-story adaptive space with three labs, whiteboards, interactive displays and a bartop area.

Visualization Lab | Room 320c
Reservable for classes, workshops and project work.

Project Zone | Room 350
Max capacity: 49
Featuring flexible seating options and rolling whiteboards.

A photo of a room with research posters displayed on the walls and people discussion the posters
TDAI's Partner Zone can be configured in countless ways

Partner Zone | Room 301
Capacity: 49 
Highly customizable space with moveable whiteboard walls, a bartop area, and informal seating options.

Conference Rooms | Rooms 300A, 186, 278 and 369
Capacities: 22 and 8
Featuring LCD displays, Skype calling and whiteboards. Minimum occupancy for reservations: 2.

Huddle Rooms | Rooms 278, 279, 350a-c, and 420c-d
Capacities: 2-6
Featuring LCD displays, Skype calling and whiteboards.

Recharge Room | Room 400
Capacity: 15
A relaxed place to take a break.

Amenities and support

Daily lockers are available in rooms 301, 320 and 350. Items not removed from lockers within 48 hours will be moved to lost and found in room 175. TDAI is not responsible for theft of or damage to items in lockers.

Refrigerators, microwaves and sinks are available in rooms 175 and 370. Refrigerator contents are discarded on the 1st and 3rd Monday of every month. Food and drinks with lids are permitted only in conference and huddle rooms and at bartop areas.

Assistance with reservations, lockers and general questions is available at the TDAI Reception Desk in room 300 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday-Friday. TDAI staff in room 175 can also provide general assistance.