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Big Ideas Thematic Programs

Wanted: Great big ideas

With the rapidly changing landscape of data analytics and AI, this is an exciting time for us to foster innovation, collaboration and impactful programs. The Translational Data Analytics Institute is soliciting proposals for year-long themes in data science and AI that leverage unique combinations of research strengths at Ohio State to advance convergent, transdisciplinary research and education at a transformational scale. The selected theme(s) will be the focus of TDAI programming for one year, have a longer-term vision and be led by a dedicated passionate group of faculty that define the scope and related programming.

The motto for this (funding) initiative is: Think Big! 

All topics are welcome, with special consideration given to proposals that relate to TDAI’s strategic research directions: Foundations of AI; Responsible and Ethical Data Science; Climate, Environment and Sustainability; and Health and Well-Being.

TDAI will fund selected themes and teams and support a variety of implementation opportunities that could include (but are not limited to):

1. Faculty in Residence: Imagine having renowned experts from diverse fields collaborating with us. What could they contribute to our research ecosystem? 

2. Visiting Scholars and Speakers: Who are the visionaries we’d love to host? What insights can they offer? 

3. Conferences and Symposia: Let’s organize gatherings that bring together thought leaders, practitioners, and students. What cutting-edge topics should we explore? 

4. Networking Opportunities: How can we facilitate meaningful connections within and beyond our institute? Think workshops, mixers, and collaborative events. 

5. Boot Camps and Workshops: Equip our community with cutting-edge skills. What topics are in demand? 

6. Research Pods: Bring teams together for sustained conversations over time. What deep convergences may be explored? Is there potential to explore community engagement, collaborative grants or other scholarly activities? 

7. Outreach Programs: Engage with the broader community, schools, and industry partners. How can we effectively share our knowledge and expertise beyond our walls? 

8. Science Communicators in Residence: How can we bridge the gap between research and the public? Let’s inspire curiosity. 

9. Student Research Programs: Our students are the future. How can we involve them in impactful projects? 

10. Poster Sessions and Research Conferences: Celebrate our achievements. What breakthroughs do we want to highlight? 11. Other innovative activities and programs (Remember, Think Big!) 

This list is merely a starting point. Your creativity knows no bounds! Let’s ignite conversations, collaborate across disciplines, and shape the future of data science and AI at Ohio State!  


Ideation and Networking Sessions: August - October 2024

Required Letters of Intent due: Oct. 25

Invited Proposals due: March 15, 2025

Period of Funding: July 1, 2025 - June 30, 2026

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