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With help from industry partners, Ohio State is developing a talented workforce for one of the fastest-growing professional fields. In addition to the nation’s first undergraduate data analytics degree at a research university, our students incorporate data science and analytics in roughly 30 different majors and minors.  

The Translational Data Analytics Institute is advancing teaching, learning and diversity in this arena by:

  • Launching a Professional Science Master’s degree in translational data analytics for mid-career professionals, with input from industry advisors
  • Developing opportunities for students and potential employers to interact such as events, poster sessions and hackathon challenge sponsorships
  • Partnering with companies and organizations interested in offering internships, scholarships and other programming to cultivate talent
  • Providing tools for students to explore and develop their interests related to data science and analytics, such as a roadmap and program and course directory, plus job-search tips and templates
  • Fostering high school-age girls’ interest in and knowledge of data science and analytics through a summer camp that is free for participants

  Interested in developing and connecting with the data analytics workforce of tomorrow? Contact the Translational Data Analytics Institute today to explore possibilities by emailing or calling 614-514-5961.