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COVID Connections

TDAI contributions to COVID-19 efforts

Other TDAI Projects Related to COVID-19

Researchers: Elisabeth Root, Greg Rempala, Joe Tien, Courtney HebertMark Weir

Key roles on a Rapid Response Modeling Team with the Ohio Department of Health and Ohio Hospital Association to forecast COVID timing and peak, hospital loads from COVID, infectious disease dynamics, containment processes on networks and social media, and disinformation and health behavior response.

Researchers: Elisabeth Root, Greg Rempala, Joe Tien, Courtney Hebert, Mark Weir, Ayaz Hyder, Sam MalloyNess Shroff

ServA Recovery Team assisting Ohio Department of Health with COVID monitoring to identify hot spots and resurgence, and with modeling “what-if” scenarios around various aspects of resuming public day-to-day activities.

Researchers: Ayaz Hyder, Subhadeep Paul, Sam MalloyHarvey Miller

Working with Columbus Public Health using a model that includes mobility data and runs at the Ohio Supercomputer Center.

Topics by researcher:

Lang Li – multiple projects, including data warehousing for research use

Shili Lin – virus/host interactions

Igor Jouline – coronavirus DNA and protein sequence analysis

Staff: Jenny Grabmeier

Webpage + "COVID Daily" email for 600+ OSU researchers and administrators with breaking news about urgent funding opportunities, resources, calls for collaborators, policy changes and more related to COVID-19 and pandemic circumstances

Open Access Resources

List created in spring/summer 2020 

COVID-19 data lake by C3.ai “pre-establishes the important linkages in the disparate COVID-19 data sets sourced from all over the globe, so that researchers can easily navigate and explore the data features that may be of interest (e.g., diagnosis, age, locale, preexisting condition, etc.) and can perform sophisticated data science on those data”

GoogleAI semantic search interface for the COVID-19 Open Research Dataset (CORD-19), which offers more than 50K articles for use by researchers to develop AI techniques to help combat the novel coronavirus

Specialized search engine for scientists working on COVID-19 research from Miso that uses proprietary AI technology

Dedicated Meta page by the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative that tracks new COVID-19 research

U.S. COVID-19 atlas by the University of Chicago’s Center for Spatial Data Science and the UW-Madison Data Science Institute

Free digital library access from the Association for Computing Machinery through June 30

Tools for estimating hospital bed demand from Systems Utilization Research for Stanford Medicine

Curated list of data, modeling and policy resources organized by Mathematica

GovLab living repository for data collaboratives that seek to address COVID-19’s spread and secondary effects and are committed to privacy protection, data responsibility and overall user well-being

Model by researchers at Harvard, Penn and Iowa State showing COVID-19 spread vs. healthcare capacity

GitHub Awesome List of useful projects and resources for COVID-19 by Soroush Chehresa

Beta International COVID-19 forecasting site from University of Oxford, Australian National University and Foretold that includes models, a case map, and containment and mitigation efforts among nations and U.S. states

Global COVID-19 map from healthmap.org

Curated, individual-level epidemiological data published in Scientific Data

U.S. case tracking by a New York Times team

Novel coronavirus genomes, analyses and situation reports from the Nextstrain project

Machine learning use cases involving coronavirus, with papers and datasets, compiled by Towards Data Science

Data and data science resources compiled by the Academic Data Science Alliance

COVID status map produced by Johns Hopkins Center for Systems Science and Engineering

COVID map from the University of Washington Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation that forecasts regional hospital demands in the face of COVID-19