Elisabeth Root

Elisabeth Root

Elisabeth Root



Professor, Geography, College of Arts and Sciences; Epidemiology, College of Public Health

Dr. Root’s research is situated at the intersection of geography and public health. Using spatial statistical methods and Geographic Information Systems (GIS), she integrates socioeconomic and environmental context into studies of disease processes and health behaviors. The goals of her research are to: 1) better understand geographical patterns of human health across diverse settings, and 2) examine how local and regional context modifies the effect of major health and development interventions across these diverse settings. This involves using spatial data and GIS to quantify and assess the spatial/contextual factors which alter a program’s effect. Dr. Root has active research projects in Honduras, Bangladesh, the Philippines, and Indonesia as well as the U.S.

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Department: Arts and Sciences
Interests: gis health-and-medical-geography data-multidimensional epidemiology-spatial analytics-spatial

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