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Steven Quiring

Steven Quiring

Steven Quiring

Professor, Geography


Professor, Atmospheric Sciences Program, Department of Geography, College of Arts and Sciences

Steven Quiring’s research focuses on hydroclimatology, synoptic climatology, and applying climate data analytics to solve societally relevant problems. His current research projects are concentrated in two areas. The first is improving our understanding of the land-atmosphere interactions and applying this information to improve drought and seasonal climate predictability. The second is modeling the impact of weather events on power infrastructure. His past work has focused on the impacts of hurricanes on the power system, and he is now developing new models for thunderstorms and winter storms. Solving these problems requires the application of a variety of data mining, machine learning, and data analytics approaches. He also employs numerous weather/climate, hydrologic, land surface, and crop yield models.

Department: Arts and Sciences
COP: CSS CoP;Sensing CoP
Interests: statistics climatology hydroclimatology modeling-computational analytics-data

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