Yuehua "Zoe" Duan

Dr. Yuehua "Zoe" Duan

Yuehua "Zoe" Duan

Data Science Senior Analyst


350E Pomerene Hall
1760 Neil Avenue
Columbus, OH 43210

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Dr. Yuehua (Zoe) Duan joined TDAI in July of 2023 as the Senior Analyst of TDAI’s Data Science Services. Prior to joining TDAI, she completed her Ph.D. in Computer Science and obtained her Graduate Certificate in Applied Artificial Intelligence from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Zoe's academic foundation has equipped her with a profound comprehension of advanced analytical techniques. Her research primarily focuses on machine learning, data mining, and recommender systems, with a specific emphasis on applying recommender systems for customer loyalty management. Prior to pursuing her Ph.D., she worked as a software engineer at SAS, where she developed extensive proficiency in data analysis, modeling, and acquired a deep understanding of data management and security protocols across diverse relational databases and data warehouses.