Anish Arora

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Anish Arora

Professor, Computer Science and Engineering, College of Engineering

(614) 292-1836

Dr. Arora leads a research group on Dependable Distributed and Networked Systems that works on the foundations of fault-tolerance, security, and timeliness properties; develops design, verification, and implementation methods; and builds prototypes of dependable systems for new application areas. He is especially interested in discovering new methods for scalable dependability, as well as in characterizing the differences between reasoning about system correctness versus reasoning about systems dependability. His group’s methods draw from the theory of self-stabilization and exploit formal specifications of and “white box” knowledge about the system. Demonstrations of its work are presently focused on embedded sensor network applications and internet services. In addition, Dr. Arora co-directs TDAI’s Smart & Connected Communities and Distributed Sensing community of practice.

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