Optimize your data analytics job search

Jobs in data science and analytics are growing faster than the number of qualified candidates. While not ideal for employers, that’s good news for students graduating with big data know-how. (Read how TDAI was cited in a report on addressing workforce needs in big data.) To help you find the data analytics job that’s right for you, TDAI offers job search tips and guides for building your resume, created in partnership with career services experts throughout the university. For more information, contact the career services office in your college or on your campus, in the Office of Student Life, or at the Ohio State Alumni Association.

By students, for students: TDAI’s job search tips are based on data analytics by a team of students at the 2015 Hackathon. The four students on team Joan Cena–Claudia Hinkle, Edrienne Co, Sophia M. DeRosa, and Ariane Krumel–took on a challenge that TDAI and the College of Arts and Sciences created to shed light on possible disconnects between data analytics employers and job-seekers. Among their discoveries was a difference in terminology used. Their final conclusions: Students should develop and highlight distinguishing technical skills. Read more on how Joan Cena won the challenge–and how they got their name.