COP - Computational Social Sciences


What we are doing

Using computational techniques and big data to address concerns related to human behavior, or to gain insights into basic social processes that cannot be identified with conventional methods. We hope to facilitate research within the social sciences and team science between disciplines, and to develop methodological tools to evaluate novel theories that cannot be evaluated with conventional tools. In doing so, we hope to see the development of novel methods and the formation of solutions that could not be identified with conventional methods.

Examples include:

  • Developing or applying data science tools to understand digital trace data
  • Computational models of complex systems and their emergent outcomes
  • Large-scale or crowd-sourced experiments on human behavior or interventions

Why we are doing it

Social scientists are interested, either directly or indirectly, in topics with societal relevance. Leveraging computational methods and big data offers insights that can challenge existing narratives and offer new explanations.


Why at Ohio State

TDAI offers an integrative infrastructure to facilitate such work, and the recent TDAI hires, coupled with strong affiliates, give us strong human capital for such work.


Learn More

Interested researchers can learn about upcoming events and engage in ongoing discussion by joining our listserv, following us on Twitter, and contacting us directly for more information. Undergraduate and graduate students are also encouraged to get involved.