NSF funds Parthasarathy team for sensemaking tools

November 3, 2021

NSF funds Parthasarathy team for sensemaking tools

An abstract illustration with lots of arrows, representing many sources of information streams

TDAI director Srinivasan Parthasarathy is principal investigator on an interdisciplinary team funded by an NSF award as part of the Convergence Accelerator program. The team also includes TDAI core faculty members Ayaz Hyder (Co-PI) and David Melamed (Senior Personnel), as well as TDAI affiliates Yu Su and Huan Sun (both Senior Personnel).

A photo of Srini Parthasarathy outdoors, smiling at the camera
Srinivasan Parthasarathy

The project, "Actionable Sensemaking Tools for Curating and Authenticating Information in the Presence of Misinformation During Crises," seeks to engage citizen, government and industry stakeholders in the development of tools that assist decision makers with managing scientific and technical information during crises in order to foster public trust.

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