Interdisciplinary researchers mix things up at 2022 Fall Forum 

November 27, 2022

Interdisciplinary researchers mix things up at 2022 Fall Forum 

Students and faculty discussing research at the 2022 Fall Forum poster session

Roughly 200 faculty, students, postdocs and staff from Ohio State and beyond participated in the successful 2022 Interdisciplinary Research Fall Forum co-hosted by TDAI and the Sustainability Institute Nov. 7-9 in Pomerene Hall. In addition to two workshops and a networking reception, the event featured 46 speakers in nine topical sessions, an opening keynote by National Science Foundation Assistant Director Dr. Erwin Gianchandani, and a closing session by Dr. Dorota Grejner-Brzezinska, Ohio State’s Vice President for Knowledge Enterprise. 

Judges awarded prizes to four students for their presentations in the research poster session, which featured 38 entries: 

  • Dr. Tanya Berger-Wolf, Fangyi Wang, and Dr. Elena Irwin standing together and smiling
    Fangyi Wang (center) with Dr. Tanya Berger-Wolf (at left) and Dr. Elena Irwin at the 2022 Interdisciplinary Research Fall Forum
    First Place: Fangyi Wang, “Empirical Bayesian Shape Model for Estimation and Classification of Fragmented Bovid Teeth.” Advisor: Sebastian Kurtek 
  • Second Place (tie):  
    • Juan Xu, “Development of a Machine Learning Method to Support Low Cost Realtime Legionella Monitoring.” Advisor: Mark Weir 
    • Daniel Do, “Pharmacokinetics of Tomato Steroidal Alkaloids in Healthy Adults Following Consumption of Two Doses of Tomato Juice.” Advisor: Jessica Cooperstone 
  • Third Place: Katherine Bowman, “Quantifying Effects of Extreme Weather Events on Mosquito-borne Disease Prevalence.” Advisor: Laura Pomeroy 

TDAI and SI are deeply grateful to the following faculty, postdocs, staff and industry partners for their time and efforts: 

Dr. Wendy Hesford, Dr. Christa Teston, Dr. Hannah Kosstrin and Dr. Amy Youngs participating in a panel discussion
Dr. Wendy Hesford (at left) moderates a Tuesday panel discussion with (l-r) Dr. Christa Teston, Dr. Hannah Kosstrin and Dr. Amy Youngs entitled “Art and Humanities and Wicked Problems”

Session Organizers 

  • Alison Bennett 
  • Jeff Bielicki 
  • Bear Braumoeller 
  • Charlene Brenner 
  • Marcello Canova 
  • Andre Carrel 
  • Jian Chen 
  • Xiaolin Cheng 
  • Jordan Clark 
  • Dave Cole 
  • Sean Downey 
  • Wendy Hesford 
  • Ayaz Hyder 
  • Elena Irwin 
  • Huyen Le 
  • Jay Martin 
  • Harv Miller 
  • William Minozzi 
  • Alvaro Montenegro 
  • Parinaz Naghizadeh 
  • Xia Ning 
  • Andrew Perrault 
  • Mario Peruggia 
  • Courtney Price 
  • Abdollah Shafieezadeh 
  • Christa Teston 
  • Linda Weavers 
  • Robyn Wilson 

Poster Judges 

  • Students presenting at the 2022 Fall Forum poster session
    Kate Bartter 
  • Harsha Bhat 
  • Gil Bohrer 
  • Vimal Buck 
  • Stephanie Buehler 
  • Alex Davis 
  • Sean Downey 
  • Elizabeth Drotleff 
  • Paige Kelly 
  • Meris Longmeier 
  • Emily Nutwell 
  • Yoyo Peng 
  • Cathie Smith 
  • Mark Weir 
  • Yuan Zhang 


Research Partners

TDAI and SI are also grateful to the following for participating in the Partner Session showcase of resources and opportunities for interdisciplinary researchers: 

  • A staff member, student and visitor talking at the CURA table display
    Ohio State Resources and Partners:
    • Battelle Center for Science, Engineering and Policy
    • Center for Urban and Regional Analysis
    • Center of Microbiome Science
    • CHRR
    • Environmental and Social Sustainability Lab
    • ERIK Talent and Team Development
    • Foods for Health
    • Global Water Institute
    • Infectious Diseases Institute
    • STEAM Factory
    • Sustainability Institute
    • Translational Data Analytics Institute
    • University Libraries 
  • Ohio Supercomputer Center
  • Partners from Japan:
    • Nagoya University
    • University of Tsukuba
Promotional graphic for 2022 Fall Forum event

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