Interdisciplinary Scaling Grants


As part of the campus-wide Interdisciplinary Research Enabling Initiative, TDAI, the Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center (BPCRC) and the Sustainability Institute (SI) are accepting proposals for Interdisciplinary Scaling Grants to support extramural proposal development and execution for compelling, interdisciplinary, big data-enabled research related to climate and sustainability. This opportunity is expected to fund 4-5 proposals with an average award amount of $10,000.

Awards may include:

  • Funds for GRA or course buyout
  • Funds for grant writing assistance
  • Proposal support services
    • Ideation session facilitation
    • Proposal process management
    • Pink team reviews
    • Red team reviews
  • Use of physical space

The deadline for proposals is rolling. Proposals will be processed and reviewed as they are received, and awards granted as long as budget allows.

Download the request for proposals and required proposal template (zipped folder)

If you have questions, email SI research program manager Courtney Price.1217.