Welcome to Pomerene Hall!

Currently home to Ohio State’s Translational Data Analytics Institute, data analytics major, the Department of History of Art, Pomerene Hall is more than meets the eye. Though it was built in 1922, renovations throughout 2018 have transformed this building from a forgotten yet beautiful piece of architecture to a teaching and research hub at The Ohio State University.

The Atrium

What used to be a dark staircase is now a three-story centerpiece of Pomerene Hall. Including the original brick of the Jacobethan Revival building, it preserves the spirit of the original building while also showcasing some of today’s latest technology. All of Pomerene is full of sensors that actively collect data to improve the user experience for students, faculty and staff. This data enables building-wide way-finding capabilities as well on-demand mobile room reservation. These beacons are a testament to the engineering behind Pomerene’s 2018 rebirth: the building was redesigned technologically with the awareness that people have multiple devices that need power and Wi-Fi capabilities.


An addition to the building in 1927, the space that four classrooms now occupy was formerly a swimming pool for women. After getting drained, this space was largely abandoned and was more of a myth than a reality to many students. Today, this space is usable by teachers and students as classrooms designed with modern amenities for teaching on the go.

Room 280

On the south side of room 280 is a small door where women would wait to be presented to men at school dances. Though it was once grand enough for formal events and the filming of the movie “The Jesse Owens Story,” this room fell into desolation prior to Pomerene Hall’s renovation. Now, this room is an active learning classroom with original architectural details preserved. This transformational teaching and learning environment enables small group work and class-wide events through reconfigurable furniture and large screens.

Third Floor

The third floor features the Translational Data Analytics Institute’s Ideation Zone, formerly the women’s gym. Instead of exercising on the wood floors, individuals can now exercise the power of community and collaboration in the HPE Aruba Innovation Lab or at any of the work stations throughout the two-story space. Along with the entire third floor, the Ideation Zone is 100 percent wireless and Wi-Fi-enabled for all mobile types. Also featured on the third floor is the Partner Zone, which has adaptive room configurations for any type of event.