Finalists and Honorable Mention for FPF Papers- Policymakers Award

Several TDAI affiliates were given an honorable mention and selected as finalists in the Future of Policy Forum’s 11th annual Privacy Papers for Policymakers. Each year, FPF invites privacy scholars and authors to submit scholarship for consideration by a committee of reviewers and judges from the FPF Advisory Board. The selected papers are those judged to contain practical analyses of emerging issues that policymakers in Congress, in federal agencies, at the state level and internationally should find useful.

The team’s paper was titled, Business Data Ethics: Governance Transformations for the Era of Advanced Analytics and AI. The members of the team are Dennis Hirsch, Timothy Bartley, Aravind Chandrasekaran, Srinivasan Parthasarathy, Piers Norris Turner, and Davon Norris.

Description featured in the Executive Summary: “This Final Report conveys the findings of an interdisciplinary Ohio State research project on corporate data ethics management. Data ethics management, as we define it here, refers to a company’s governance of the threats that its own use of advanced analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) pose to individuals, the broader society and the company itself. Companies refer to this as “data ethics” largely because the law lags behind the rapid emergence of advanced analytics and AI and so, to address the risks that their use of these technologies poses, companies need to go beyond legal requirements.”

Eight papers were chosen as finalists, ten papers received some form of recognition – Six award papers, 2 honorary mentions, and 2 student awards/honors. The committee evaluated all nominated papers on the topic of privacy for the previous year. The awards were presented at a virtual ceremony last week which included Acting FTC Chair Rebecca Kelly Slaughter, who provided the keynote address. Also attended by several members of Congress including Senator Edward Markey and Congresswoman Diana DeGette, Co-Chairs of the Congressional Privacy Caucus.

A short description of the team’s paper is featured on page 13 and can be found here.

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