Ohio Federal Research Network Team- Matchmaking Services

OFRN provides a matchmaking platform to assist in teaming for better proposal submissions.  Since we began collecting teaming opportunities, more people have requested that we advertise their interests in finding a partner or sub, or offering their expertise for a project proposal.  Below I have included the most recent table which includes additions from today.  Again, if you or researchers in your orbit are interested in teaming up with complementary partners to pursue R&D opportunities, please review and/or forward the information below to identify desirable connections.

Teams are forming and new matchmaking classified submissions are coming in daily. If you want to pursue the OFRN Round 5 solicitation and need a required partner or you need a subcontractor with particular talents to fill a gap on your proposal, or you want to offer your services as a potential partner or subcontractor, utilize our team matchmaking services on our current solicitation page https://www.ohiofrn.org/ofrn-current-solicitation. The tool is located at the bottom of the page.

Here is how to interpret and act on the information in the table from OFRN:

We have anonymized the information due to the competitive nature of the solicitation and proposal environment.  If you find an entry of interest, please respond to me (becky.mescher@parallaxresearch.org) with the “OFRN Assigned Number” or list of numbers to which you want to be introduced.  The table columns designate whether the organization seeking a partner is a company or a university and the kind of organization sought for a partnership.  The table also includes a technology description of what the advertising organization brings to the table (Technology Brought) and what the advertising organization seeks in a partner (Technology Sought) as well as the technical competencies of the desired partner.  Once you respond with the OFRN Assigned Number(s) you would be interested in meeting, we will review the request with the researcher seeking a partner and get their approval to release additional information to both parties and connect the two of you to explore a collaboration. Once we connect parties, we leave it up to you to discuss if interests, objectives and capabilities are aligned.  We will follow-up later to determine if partnerships formed resulting in proposals for this round.

Upcoming Key Dates:

·    Jan. 20, 2021: Bidders Conference & Proposal Training – Virtual

·    Feb. 25, 2021: Due date for Volume 1 (Technical), 1A (Supplemental)

·    Mar. 19, 2021: Notification of Selection for Final Pitch Day

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