Hyder to teach new Public Health course: delivering data-driven results during pandemic

TDAI faculty member, Ayaz Hyder, is an Assistant Professor in the College of Public Health and recently announced that he will be teaching a new class open to students in Spring 2021. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought many challenges in delivering effective data-driven results for decision-making. Hyder hopes that his class, titled Public Health Data Analytics II, will teach students how to “overcome these challenges by learning foundational skills to ask the right questions, gain applied instruction in a wide range of data analytics methods in public health,” and more. Its sister course, Public Health Data Analytics I (PUBHLTH5015), focused on these issues as well, but this secondary course will focus on the applications of data analytics methods in the public health field, such as data visualization, data mining, statistical learning and modeling. 


More details on the course are highlighted below:

Course title: Public Health Data Analytics II (PUBHLTH 7015)

Primary Course Director: Ayaz Hyder

Format: Online (synchronous)

Days/times: Tuesday and Thursday from 11:10AM to 12:30PM

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