Association for Computing Machinery Call for Papers

Pattern-driven mining, analytics and prediction has received a lot of attention in the last two decades since information discovered in data can be used to support decision and strategy making. The results can also be utilized in the decision support or information management systems (IMS). Different types of patterns and knowledge can be mined (extracted) from various applications and domains. Many previous studies focused on designing and implementing new methodologies to handle different constraints and requirements. This special issue focuses on discovering the knowledge, rules, and information for decision support and management information systems.

ACM is seeking novel, innovative, state-of-the-art, original, creative, applicable, and cutting-edge contributions on the following aspects, but not limited to:

• Next-generation data analytics and prediction theories for decision support systems
• Statistical methodologies, frameworks and processes for decision making
• Information management system for big data analytics
• Actionable pattern-driven analytics and prediction
• Novel machine learning and optimization algorithms in information management systems
• Big data analytics in heterogenous environments
• Modeling and utilizing intelligence systems in real-world applications and domains
• Predictable knowledge discovery in intelligent support systems
• Investigate novel trends in decision support systems using AI techniques
• Security, privacy, and trust in pattern-driven mining

All accepted manuscripts are expected to make a significant scientific contribution and present a rigorous evaluation of the Information Systems Outcomes focus on implementation in real world practices and analysis of real-world practices to advance real world outcomes.

Deadline for Submissions is December 31, 2020. Click here to learn more.

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