Jian Chen named VGTC Executive Committee Member

The IEEE Visualization and Graphics Technical Community (VGTC) recently announced the election of 5 new officers to the executive committee. Among them is CSE associate professor and TDAI affiliate Jian Chen, who will be acting as the new Vice Chair for Conferences. She is the current director of the OSU Interactive Visual Computing Lab,where she works with the most brilliant students and colleagues worldwide to understand how humans and machines see, make sense, retain, and understand information, as well as design and study new interactive metaphors and visualization to augment people’s ability to explore the vast amount of data on a desktop or immersive virtual environments. Dr. Chen also served as a VGTC IEEE Visualization Academy election committee member in 2020.

The VGTC serves a vital role in the Visualization and Virtual Reality community by providing leadership, support, and organization services across multiple conferences.

The list of new officers are as follows:

Jian Chen, The Ohio State University
  Vice Chair for Conferences

• Charles Hansen, University of Utah
  Chair of the Awards Committee for Visualization

• Mar Gonzalez Franco, Microsoft Research
  Ethics and Diversity Chair

• Ben Watson, North Carolina State University
  Online Communities Chair

• Laura Truțoiu, Facebook
  Industrial Relations Chair

Congratulations to Dr. Chen, as well as all new members of the Executive Committee.

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