New women in computing page features downloadable backgrounds

Ever wanted to use both a fun and educational background for your Zoom meetings? Recently added to the TDAI website is a Women In Computing page where you can read bios for more than 15 women who have made fundamental advancements in the world of computing and data science. You can invite a woman in computing to your Zoom meeting by clicking on the thumbnail images found in the profile drop-downs for a full size image that can be downloaded and used as a virtual conferencing background.

Women have been leading innovation in computing and data science in all their forms from the beginning. Their findings have led to countless significant discoveries in many industries. From improving traffic signals to using orbital mechanics at NASA, the women featured on this page have contributed to some of the most important technology to date.

To visit the page, click here.


Mary Allen Wilkes


Joy Buolamwini


Marissa Mayer

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