Study launched with TDAI seed grant uses AI to estimate unexploded bombs from Vietnam War

TDAI affiliate Rongjun Qin is co-author of a study that uses artificial intelligence to detect Vietnam War-era bomb craters in Cambodia from satellite images. Their hope is that they will be able to help find unexploded bombs. The weapons left behind from the war–carpet bombs, cluster munitions, landmines–pose a significant risk to the communities left to live on that land. The model, along with declassified U.S. military records, suggests that 44-50% of the bombs in the area may remain unexploded. The new method increased true bomb crater detection by more than 160 percent over standard methods. 

Rongjun Qin

Rongjun Qin

Qin co-led the study with Erin Lin, assistant professor of political science at The Ohio State University. The study appears in the journal PLOS One

TDAI awarded a seed grant to this faculty team in 2016. Selected by a group of 18 faculty reviewers across the university, the award amount totaled close to $30,000 and was used to further their research on this topic. 

Dr. Qin is an assistant professor in the Department of Civil, Environmental and Geodetic Engineering and Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

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