Huan Sun receives NSF CAREER Award
Huan Sun

Huan Sun

TDAI affiliate Huan Sun, assistant professor of Computer Science in the College of Engineering, has been awarded the National Science Foundation CAREER Award for her research on interactive and transparent natural language question answering models. This prestigious honor is given to faculty members who exemplify the role of teacher-scholars through research and education, and the integration of both in the context of their organizations’ missions. As a result of receiving this award, Sun has been granted $499,965 for the next five years.

Sun’s project, “Towards Interactive and Transparent Question Answering with Applications in the Clinical Domain,” aims to contribute a new, learnable interactive QA model, which will detect the ambiguities and uncertainties during the answering process and interact with users in a natural fashion to seek clarifications. This project will further advance the QA model with a novel question decomposition component that decomposes a compositional question into simpler sub-questions in order to enhance transparency. 

Congratulations to Prof. Sun on this incredible award. 

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