Rocket man: TDAI hosts space architect Raul Polit-Casillas Feb. 28

TDAI is hosting a talk by Raul Polit-Casillas, a systems mechanical engineer, systems architect and technologist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab, entitled “Architecture and Climate Uncertainty – ARQESS.” It will be held Feb. 28, 12:30-1:30 p.m., in the TDAI Ideation Zone (320 Pomerene Hall). RSVP

Polit-Casillas’ unique work incorporates science, technology and design–and outer space (check out his TEDx Talk on using 3-D printing to create advanced woven metal fabrics for use in space). In the face of increasing climate changes, he is particularly interested in creating resource-positive human habitats; a new initiative he has founded, ARQESS, is a multidisciplinary “think-make-tank” focused on this challenge.

At the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Polit-Casillas has supported missions and initiatives such as the Europa Lander, Habitat Demonstration Unit, Asteroid Redirect Mission, CubeSats, the ATHLETE rover, planetary probes, Moon bases and more, as well as formulation proposals in both sub-systems and system architecture lead positions.

“At JPL, I co-founded and led a disruptive new design platform Atelier – a multidisciplinary rapid engineering and prototyping studio disrupting how to mature and optimize highly-detailed complex systems at record speeds, enabling technology infusion and workforce development,” reads his online bio. “I have conducted groundbreaking research in generative (AI-driven) multidisciplinary design (including project lead of the GAMMA Space Exploration Lander), metal 4D printing and BIM for aerospace, after a decade of product and architecture design, public outreach and event creation. Furthermore, I led several strategic technical partnerships across world leading organization (e.g., JPL, Disney Animation, Autodesk). Currently, I lead multidisciplinary design teams (3-15 people) in complex architecture design tasks with relentless passion across fields and missions.”

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