Tanya Berger-Wolf named new TDAI faculty director

Randy Moses, Ohio State’s Senior Associate Vice President for Research, announced today that Tanya Berger-Wolf has joined the university as faculty director of the Translational Data Analytics Institute.

Tanya Berger-Wolf

I am pleased to announce that Dr. Tanya Berger-Wolf has joined the university as faculty director for the Translational Data Analytics Institute (TDAI) and professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering with joint appointments in the Departments of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Evolution, Ecology and Organismal Biology.

Tanya comes to us from the University of Illinois at Chicago, where she was a professor of Computer Science and headed the Computational Population Biology Laboratory. As a computational ecologist, her research is at the unique intersection of computer science, data science, wildlife biology, and social sciences. She creates computational solutions to address questions such as how environmental factors affect the behaviors of social animals, including humans.

Tanya holds a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She has received numerous awards for her research and mentoring, including University of Illinois Scholar, UIC Distinguished Researcher, US National Science Foundation CAREER, Association for Women in Science Chicago Innovator and the UIC Mentor of the Year awards.

I also would like to thank Dr. Raghu Machiraju for his leadership as interim faculty director. Over the past nearly four years – following a yearlong appointment as faculty in residence – Raghu has overseen TDAI’s transformation from an initiative to an institute. Raghu will continue working with the TDAI as its inaugural principal data scientist.

Please join me in welcoming Tanya to Ohio State and TDAI.

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