Ohio State, Aruba forge 10-year partnership to explore data discovery

Partnership includes networking infrastructure and servers to enable cutting-edge computation and connectivity capabilities for interdisciplinary data science and analytics discovery and innovation

The Ohio State University announced the launch of a 10-year data partnership aimed at increasing interdisciplinary data research and teaching in collaboration with Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company. The collaboration is made possible with a gift to the university’s Translational Data Analytics Institute (TDAI) that includes networking technology and equipment.

Ohio State established TDAI in 2017 to be a regional hub for interdisciplinary data science and analytics discovery and innovation. As part of the University’s Discovery Themes initiative, the institute moved into Pomerene Hall in 2018 following a renovation funded with a $42 million allocation from the state of Ohio. The new facility was designed as a collaborative environment where faculty and students can work side-by-side with industry and community partners.

The new gear and technology from Aruba and HPE is part of a strategic academic-industry partnership focused on using big data for social good. The Aruba and HPE investments will enable the launch of TDAI’s new Innovation Lab and allow faculty and students to use Pomerene Hall as a “living lab.” HPE servers at the network edge will provide extra processing power for Internet of Things projects, while faculty researchers can leverage the Aruba wired and wireless hardware platforms to design sensors to collect data for such goals as reducing energy use and lowering noise levels. Instructors and their classes can design wayfinding and augmented reality projects using Aruba location-ready APs and Bluetooth beacons placed throughout the building – further expanding the reach of this partnership. 

“Our faculty can take interdisciplinary research to new levels thanks to having these incredible resources in a new facility that is designed around collaborative team science,” says TDAI Executive Director Raghu Machiraju, PhD. “These new tools will also help our students develop hands-on data science and analytics skills that are increasingly valuable as they enter the workforce.”

TDAI will use Aruba’s investment to enable researchers and students directly by supporting research grants, scholarships and fellowships, and events such as the institute’s Data Science for Women Summer Camp for middle and high school girls in Columbus.

Data science and analytics is a growing field of study that includes computer engineering and statistics as well as other disciplines such as communication and psychology. The use of data science and analytics technologies and techniques extends even further to include such diverse fields as health care, urban planning, agriculture and more.

“Empowering research and development teams to advance technology that will ultimately help the world is a virtue we strive to maintain,” said David Logan, VP, Strategic Initiatives, Aruba. “Being able to play a critical role by providing a technology platform upon which researchers can innovate, educate and learn is a gift that will continue to benefit the community and drive progress.”

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