TDAI town hall introduces communities of practice

More than 75 faculty affiliates participated in TDAI’s first town hall event on January 29, enthusiastically sharing insights and ideas for institute programming, research collaborations, conferences and more.

Following a general institute overview, Lead Dean Jan Box-Steffensmeier led a period in which attendees could ask questions and highlight research-related needs that TDAI might help address. The institute’s faculty in residence then introduced four new research communities of practice, which affiliates could learn more about and sign up to join during a networking portion of the event. Affiliates who did not sign up for a CoP but wish to do so can email your interest(s) to 

Upcoming opportunities for TDAI affiliates to provide feedback and input regarding TDAI, including research communities of practice, include an upcoming email survey and a strategic planning retreat that will be held in late February or early March. 

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