TDAI launches database of data science and analytics courses

Thanks to the work of three students, TDAI now offers a searchable directory of data science and analytics courses and programs offered throughout the university.

To create the resource, TDAI enlisted the help of data analytics majors and Big Data and Analytics Association members Elizabeth Gilbert, Suli Li, and Junfa Zhu to identify the courses and create the search categories. In addition to foundational engineering and statistics offerings, the variety of options they compiled reflects the ever-growing prominence of applied data science in domains ranging from linguistics to public affairs to geography.

“I enjoyed the process of organizing data for the benefit of others interested in taking translational data analytics-based classes,” said Gilbert, a second-year student and BDAA’s internal relations director for the . “Considering what information, answers, and metrics might be needed by users of a project is always an interesting challenge. From this project I learned how to both do that better, and how to lead a database creation project.”

New and adapted data science and analytics courses will be added to the directory page each semester. Faculty who wish to include their new or adapted offering should email TDAI.

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