Funding Opportunities

Ford/OSU Alliance Research×

Funder: Ford Motor Company

Submission Period: April 4-Aug. 1; first draft due June 3

Ford Motor Company will be inviting Ford/OSU Alliance research proposals for calendar year 2019 between April 4 and August 1. Proposals must be developed jointly by Ohio State University and Ford principal investigators and are usually limited to ~$90K per year from Ford for a maximum of two years. Ford welcomes any collaborative project idea that is of business value to the company. Beginning April 5, initial ideas for research proposals can be submitted to

For additional information and resources, contact the OSU Technology Commercialization Office:
Eddie Pauline: 614-247-6620 or
Ben Webb:  614-688-1664 or

Expeditions in Computing×

Funder: NSF

Program Guidelines: NSF 18-528

Full Proposal Window: April 24, 2019 – April 23, 2020


A Science of Science Policy Approach to Analyzing and Innovating the Biomedical Research Enterprise×

Funder: NSF and NIH

Program Guidelines: NSF 19-547

Full Proposal Target Date: May 8 and Sept. 9, 2019 (Sept. 9 annually thereafter); and Feb. 10, 2020 (Feb. 9 annually thereafter)


Growing Convergence Research×

Funder: NSF

Program Guidelines: NSF 19-551

Full Proposal Deadline: May 8


NSF Program on Fairness in AI in Collaboration with Amazon×

Funders: National Science Foundation and Amazon

Funding opportunity number: NSF 19-571

Deadline for letter of intent (required): May 10


Understanding the Rules of Life: Building a Synthetic Cell×

Funder: NSF

Program Guidelines: NSF 18-599

Full Proposal Deadline: May 13


Signals in the Soil (SitS)×

Funder: NSF in partnership with U.S. Department of Agriculture National Institute of Food and Agriculture, Natural Environment Research Council, Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council, and Science and Technology Facilities Council of United Kingdom Research and Innovation.

Program Guidelines: 19-556

Full Proposal Target Date: May 15


MacArthur Foundation 100&Change Competition×

Funder: MacArthur Foundation

Internal Deadline: May 31

The OSU offices of Research and Advancement will hold an internal competition to identify 2-3 proposals that the university will submit to the MacArthur Foundation’s 100&Change Competition. 100&Change is a $100M grant for “a single project that promises real and measurable progress in solving a critical problem of our time” and aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

An RFP will be released April 30.

Research teams interested in submitting are strongly encouraged to attend a May 3 information session in the Research Commons Brainstorming Room.


Smart and Autonomous Systems×

Funder: National Science Foundation

Program Guidelines: 18-557

Proposal Deadlines: June 3, 2019; June 1, 2020


Real-time Machine Learning×

Funders: NSF and DARPA

Guidelines: 19-566

Full Proposal Deadline: June 6


Secure and Trustworthy Cyberspace Frontiers×

Funder: NSF

Funding Guidelines: 19-572

Letter of Intent Due: July 5; full proposal due Sept. 30


Smart and Connected Cities×

Funder: NSF

Funding Guidelines: 19-564

Letter of Intent Due: Aug. 6; full proposal due Sept. 6


Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS)×

Funder: NSF

Submission Window: Sept. 12-26 (Frontier)


Cyber-Physical Systems×

Funder: NSF

Funding Guidelines: 19-553

Full Proposal Deadline: Sept. 26


Collaborative Research in Computational Neuroscience×

Funders: NSF, NIH, German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), French National Research Agency (ANR), the United States-Israel Binational Science Foundation (BSF), Japan’s National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT), and Spain’s State Research Agency (AEI) and National Institute of Health Carlos III (ISCIII)

Funding Guidelines: 18-591

Full Proposal Deadline: Nov. 25


Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (ML/AI) for Networking and Beyond×

Funder: Cisco

Invitation Code: RFP-18-05

Deadline: None

Cisco has issued an RFP that invites innovative proposals that investigate how machine learning and artificial intelligence (ML/AI) can benefit various aspects of networking. They are also interested in supporting research on novel ML/AI algorithms and system architectures motivated by novel applications and use cases.


Dear Colleague Letter: Supporting Research at the Intersection of Agricultural Science, Big Data, Informatics, and Smart Communities×

Funder: National Science Foundation and U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture

Funding opportunity number: NSF 19-051

The NSF and USDA/NIFA intend to jointly fund convergent research that combines methods in agricultural, biological, and computer and information science and engineering to address pressing challenges and opportunities in digital agriculture. This Dear Colleague Letter (DCL) is aligned with NSF’s Harnessing the Data Revolution Big Idea, and aims to build capacity across disciplinary boundaries, in preparation for larger scale investments at the intersection of computational, agricultural, and biological sciences….

Specific topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Methods for analyzing existing, large datasets, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and computer vision, for example, leveraging environmental, imaging, and genomic data;
  • Models for genetic x environment x management x socioeconomic interactions (G x E x M x S) in order to predict livestock, aquaculture, and plant phenotypic outcomes and sustainability—such as yield, survivability, resistance to environmental stressors, pest resistance, drought resistance, and nutritional value;
  • Data storage, management, and integration across a range of data types to enable a systems-level approach, including integration of big data in real-time systems;
  • Wired and wireless networking challenges in rural settings, including computation at the edge;
  • Security, privacy, and management for access and sharing of farm and community data; and
  • Learning science innovations, which may include development of computational skills for biological and agricultural science majors, and communities of agricultural practice for a diverse and innovative future workforce.

Principal Investigators may also consider the design of instructional materials or workforce development pathways, combining computational and agricultural expertise, in the broader impacts of proposals.

Proposals pursuant to this DCL may be submitted to one of three programs: 


OSU Strategic Research Travel Program×

Funder: OSU Office of Research

Deadline: 25th of every month

The Strategic Research Travel Program provides funding for travel for Ohio State faculty and principal investigators to meet with program officers at current and potential sponsors to help drive the development of innovative programs and priorities for sponsor agencies.

Examples of positioning activities the grant is meant to encourage include:

  • Building relationships with program officers/sponsor representatives
  • Reviewing and providing input to potential sponsors’ strategic plans
  • Exploring potential opportunities for future collaboration

These kinds of activities occur well before a sponsor releases a solicitation and are usually part of a longer-term business development plan for pursuing larger, multidisciplinary funding opportunities. Successful applicants should be able to make a case for how their proposed travel will contribute to Ohio State’s desire to develop strategic, multidisciplinary funding opportunities.

Reimbursable travel costs include airfare, per diem hotel and food expenses, and ground transportation. Awards are contingent upon the availability of funds.

Applications are reviewed monthly. Any application submitted by the 25th of the month will be reviewed that month and notified of its standing by the end of the month. If the application is received after that date, it will be reviewed the following month. If this is an urgent request please submit the application and then contact Janet Weisenberger, Senior Associate Vice President for the Office of Research at to explain the extenuating circumstances.


TDAI Co-Sponsorships×

Funder: TDAI

The Translational Data Analytics Institute provides support annually to assist Ohio State units, faculty, and students with sponsorship of Ohio State-led events (internal). Information about 2019-20 funding opportunities will be made available in summer 2019.

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