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Ohio State has myriad tools and services to support data analytics work by faculty and students. In addition to the services listed below, OSU’s Research Computing Committee compiled a list of computing and networking resources for researchers here.

To suggest an addition to lists on this page, email Translational Data Analytics Institute.

Support Services×

Chief Information Officer, Office of Uses: Compliance/Security Home of the university’s Institutional Data Policy and resources for protecting institutional data. Chief Information Security Officer Helen Patton can assist with investigating the security of any app. Copyright Resources Center Uses: IP/Commercialization Education and guidance on the application of copyright law. Energy and Environment, Office of Uses: Proposal Development, Publicity of Outcomes Support for sustainability-related research, including funding opportunities, proposal development, research tools, and student resources. Industry Liaison Office Uses: Proposal Development, Outreach/Engagement Connects faculty and other Ohio State experts with industry partners to advance the university’s research agenda and educational programs. Knowledge Bank Uses: Publicity of Outcomes A University Libraries service that collects, preserves, and distributes Ohio State research and scholarship, including working papers, technical reports, and conference proceedings. Outreach and Engagement, Office of Uses: Publicity of Outcomes, Outreach/Engagement Assists faculty and staff with implementing and building capacity for community engagement efforts. Research Compliance, Office of Uses: Compliance/Security Partners with researchers to ensure ethical, compliant practices and prevent issues such as conflicts of interests and research misconduct. Responsible Research Practices, Office of Uses: Compliance/Security Partners with researchers to ensure regulatory compliance including reporting; record-keeping; and review and oversight of work involving animals, human subjects, and biohazards. Sponsored Programs, Office of Uses: Proposal Development, Grant Administration, Compliance/Security, IP/Commercialization  Assists researchers with administration of awards at all stages of sponsored projects, including finding and developing proposals for funding, stewarding resources, and managing purchases. Technology Commercialization Office Uses: IP/Commercialization, Publicity of Outcomes, Outreach/Engagement Tools and resources for commercializing inventions. Technology Entrepreneurship and Commercialization Institute Uses: IP/Commercialization, Publicity of Outcomes Proof of concept assistance in Fisher College, with educational programs and analytical and consulting services. Undergraduate Research Office Uses: Outreach/Engagement Connects faculty researchers with students interested in conducting research.

Tools and Assets×

Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design Uses: Workshops & Events, Tools A center dedicated to research and experimentation in emerging arts technologies for faculty and graduate students. Clinical and Translational Science, Center for Uses: Writing Assistance, Funding Alerts, Workshops & Events, Tools, Research Data, Data Analytics A collaborative center providing financial, organizational, and educational support to biomedical researchers, as well as opportunities for community members to participate in research. Distance Education and eLearning, Office of Uses: Workshops & Events, Tools, Data Analytics Partners with faculty and staff on digital teaching and publishing solutions, tools, and innovations. Genomics Shared Resource Uses: Tools, Data Analytics A multifunctional core laboratory that provides instrumentation and expertise to facilitate cancer research, including training, consultation, troubleshooting, and assistance in experimental design. Human Resource Research, Center for Uses: Tools, Research Data, Data Analytics Conducts the country’s longest-running longitudinal study and supports researchers with survey and sample design and management, data collection and management, software, and securely encrypted VoIP telephony. Mathematical Biosciences Institute Uses: Funding Alerts, Workshops & Events, Tools, Research Data, Data Analytics Offers programs to reinforce and build upon research and innovations in the mathematical biosciences. Ohio Supercomputer Center Uses: Workshops & Events, Tools, Research Data, Data Analytics A statewide resource providing supercomputing services and computational science expertise. Brian Guilfoos leads OSC’s training and user support and also assists clients with converting computer codes, developing batch scripting, compiling, and code development. Research Commons Uses: Writing Assistance, Funding Alerts, Workshops & Events, Tools, Research Data, Data Analytics Tools and training for planning, conducting, publishing, and increasing the impact of research; expert support in data management, geographic information systems, and digital humanities; and training on software and university resources. Simulation Innovation and Modeling Center Uses: Tools, Data Analytics An interdisciplinary center that advances computer-aided engineering in the transportation industry. STEAM Factory Uses: Workshops & Events, Tools A grass-roots, interdisciplinary network of faculty, postdocs, and staff that facilitates collaboration, innovation, and dissemination. Wexner Medical Center Research Data Repository Uses: Tools, Research Data Wexner Medical Center researchers can perform self-service cohort discovery utilizing coded-limited data sourced from the electronic health record to support hypothesis generation, feasibility analysis, and study population enrollment reports. (Training required.)  

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