Han-Wei Shen

Professor, Computer Science and Engineering, College of Engineering; Lead, Graphics and Visualization Study (GRAVITY) Group

Dr. Shen’s research is primarily concerned with large scale data visualization and analysis. Visualization research is at a unique intersection of computer graphics and data analysis and mining. It has been playing an increasingly important role in a wide range of disciplines such as computational sciences, biomedical imaging, visual analytics, and social network data analysis. His research has been supported by NSF, DOE, NIH, and NASA for the past 15 years. Since 2013, he has won multiple Big Data research grants from NSF and DOE. His research group is now part of the DOE’s SciDAC Institute on Scalable Data Management, Analysis, and Visualization. Dr. Shen served as the paper chair for IEEE Scientific Visualization (SciVis) 2013, 2014, the best visualization conference in the world, and is currently on the steering committee of the IEEE SciVis conference. In spring 2015, Dr. Shen was invited by the National Center for Supercomputing Application to teach an online scientific visualization course. In summer 2015, he was invited by Melbourne Business School at University of Melbourne to teach a data visualization course for their Advanced Business Analytics MBA program.

I specialize in

PhD, Computer Science, University of Utah
MS, Computer Science, State University of New York, Stony Brook
BS, Computer Science, National Taiwan University


National Science Foundation, Department of Energy, National Institutes of Health, NASA