COVID-19 Literature Knowledge Graph Construction and Drug Repurposing Report Generation Chat
Time: 2:00 p.m.
Date: August 4, 2020
Location: Virtual

To combat COVID-19, clinicians and scientists all need to digest the vast amount of relevant biomedical knowledge in literature to understand the disease mechanism and the related biological functions. The first challenge is quantity. The second challenge is quality due to the rise and rapid, extensive publications of preprint manuscripts without pre-publication peer review. The current clinical trials for drug re-purposing mainly rely on symptoms by considering drugs that can treat diseases with similar symptoms. However, there are too many drug candidates and too much misinformation published from multiple sources. In addition to a ranked list of drugs, clinicians and scientists also aim to gain new insights into the underlying molecular cellular mechanisms on Covid-19, and which pre-existing conditions may affect the mortality and severity of this disease. To tackle these two challenges, we have developed a novel and comprehensive knowledge discovery framework, COVID-KG, to accelerate scientific discovery and build a bridge between clinicians and biology scientists.

To join the chat with guest speaker Professor Heng Ji, click this zoom link. Password 676545

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