Panel Discussion: Big Data/Data Analytics in Education
Time: 10-11:30 a.m.
Date: November 29, 2016
Location: EHE College Commons, Ramseyer Hall 260
Invitees: OSU faculty, students, researchers, staff

unnamedWhat are we learning from Big Data/Data Analytics in Education?

Many education stakeholders are hopeful that Big Data/Data Analytics will make it possible to make historic improvements in student learning and retention, reduce or eliminate intransigent disparities, and provide mass-customization of the learning program. A massive amount of data is available on students, from online behaviors to social media activity. Are these data being used to improve learning? Is the promise of Big Data being realized? How are the ethical issues around data availability and use being addressed?

If you are a stakeholder in education—a student, teacher, parent, administrator, or community member—you have something to say about the use of Big Data in Education! Join expert panelists Julie Carpenter-Hubin (Assistant Vice President of Institutional Research and Planning), Kui Xie (Ted and Lois Cyphert Distinguished Professor of Educational Technology), and Heather Boughton (Director of the Office of Data Quality at the Ohio Department of Education) as they discuss the use and potential misuse of big data and data analytics in education.

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This free event is part of the College of EHE Research Methodology Center’s Panel Discussion Series and Software Saturday Series. Light refreshments will be provided.

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