Complexity, Networks, and Human Behavior Community of Practice

The Complexity, Networks, and Human Behavior Community of Practice organized under the Translational Data Analytics Institute at Ohio State is a group of researchers from diverse fields who share insights gained from studying complexity.

Perhaps appropriately, no succinct and widely accepted definition of complexity exists. Complex phenomena are typically those in which micro-level states produce surprising macro-level outcomes (“emergence”). Complex systems can also be characterized by the existence of a critical point that serves as an attractor in dynamical systems (“self-organized criticality”) and by “Black Swan”-style events—rare events with unexpectedly major effects.

With generous support from TDAI and the College of Arts and Sciences, the Complexity, Networks, and Human Behavior Community of Practice works to expose members to the research of complex phenomena in other fields, enable interdisciplinary collaboration, and translate research into useful social applications. To those ends, we host short presentations of ongoing research, support the development of academic programming in complexity science, and facilitate contact with outside partners.

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Interested researchers can learn about upcoming events and engage in ongoing discussion by joining our listserv, following us on Twitter, and contacting us directly for more information. Undergraduate and graduate students are also encouraged to get involved.

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