Carpentries at OSU

University Libraries and TDAI have partnered to lead the delivery of the Carpentries at the Ohio State University.  The Carpentries are an international organization that delivers a collection of lessons aimed at introducing data and coding skills to spread data and programming literacy.  As part of the membership, the Libraries and TDAI havethe ability to designate individuals to receive Carpentries instructor training and certification.  This represents a unique opportunity to provide our communities membership in a globally recognized teaching community.

For 2020-21, the Carpentries team at OSU aims to provide 4 workshops that are led by Carpentries instructors coordinated by the Carpentries, augmenting the TDAI Data Literacy workshops and various data-centered Libraries workshops.  In addition to these Carpentries-organized workshops, TDAI and the Libraries may self-organize as many workshops as we would like, using the Carpentries developed material.

Workshops for 2021

Feb. 18-19, 2021: OpenRefine and Python for Social Science×

Workshop Schedule

This workshop is from 9 – 4:30 EST

Registration here:

This workshop is full, but add your name to the waitlist to be notified of future workshops!

Day 1

Before starting Pre-workshop survey
Morning OpenRefine for Data Cleaning
Afternoon Introduction to Python
Evening END


Content and Format

This workshop will be held online, using the Zoom platform. The Zoom meeting link will be sent to registrants that have confirmed prerequisite software installation. A full schedule and syllabus for the training may be found here:

Preparation and Requirements

  1. This workshop requires you to supply your own laptop and install specific software in advance of the workshop.  You will need administrative privileges on your laptop to install the packages required for the training.  Please ensure that these packages are installed PRIOR to attending the workshop.  We will be using spreadseet software, OpenRefine and Python for this workshop.
    1. Spreadsheet software:  If you do not already have Excel available, LibreOffice is open-source software which includes a spreadsheet application
    2. OpenRefine:  Installation instructions may be found here.  Please install the latest version of OpenRefine.  Note that you may need to install Java on your system if it is not already installed
    3. Python:  Use the bundled Python installer called Anaconda.


  • Use the 64-bit installer (it should work for most recent systems)
  • The default installation options are fine (you can uncheck the Tutorial and Getting Started at the last screen)
  • Once the installation completes, open the Anaconda3 prompt or console and enter “conda install -c conda-forge plotnine”

Detailed installation notes can be found here:

If you are having problems with the installation, please consult your IT department or OCIO.  The BuckeyeBar is also a good resource for computer help.  You can also reach out to us at

Attending Online Workshops
Here are a couple helpful links on attending an online workshop that will help make your experience as positive as possible:

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