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Talent. Every smart company knows that data analytics talent will influence its future success—and that the data analytics workforce is in short supply. At Ohio State, our talented students are incorporating data science and analytics skills in roughly 30 different majors and minors through expert faculty instruction, industry-sponsored projects, and valuable internships.

Partnership. The Translational Data Analytics Institute is ready to understand your talent needs and work with you to fill them. We’re ready to listen to your biggest challenges and convene the right problem solvers to address them—from nationally recognized faculty to highly educated undergraduates. We have talent. We have data. We have tools. We know a thing or two about the foundational science of data. And we are striving for speed and flexibility in contracting.

Advantages. Partnering with TDAI can include such benefits as:

  • Access to expert faculty and talented students
  • Support to accelerate sponsored projects and tech transfer
  • Research discovery workshops and technical exchanges
  • Workforce development focus groups
  • Seminars and conferences

When you are ready to access a wealth of data analytics talent and solutions across Ohio State, contact the Translational Data Analytics Institute to learn more.